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  Intelligent pop piano melodies and New Thought music

Studio Available for Recording Projects

Ideal for singer-songwriters or for soloists, this intimate studio is equipped with everything needed to produce professionally-recorded tracks. I can work with you as engineer and/or producer.


Two microphones serve most of the needs for the studio: the RØDE NT1 and the Shure Beta58A.

Rode NT1 condenser microphone, with SE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO

The RØDE NT1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (shown here with the SE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO to eliminate acoustic reflections) is used mainly for vocals, acoustic guitars, and other instruments where detail and warm bass reproduction are important.

Shure Beta58A microphone

The Shure Beta58A microphone is a supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone with excellent rejection of off–axis sound. In the studio it used to isolate the vocal when the performer is playing an instrument at the same time, as well as for backing vocals.


Yamaha CP4 88-note Wooden Key Stage Piano

This Yamaha CP4 88-note Wooden Key Stage Piano controls an extensive library of virtual instruments with an emphasis on pianos and other keyboard instruments, along with bass, drums/percussion, and strings.

Virtual Acoustic Pianos

Other Keyboard Instruments

  • Steinberg Neo Soul Keys -- Faithful sampling of original Fender Rhodes Mark I suitcase electric piano
  • Native Instruments Virtual Organs -- Five legendary vintage organs including Hammond B3, Hammond C3, Hammond M3, Vox Super Continental, and Farfisa Compact
  • Cubase Synthesizers -- A rich palette of virtual instruments with thousands of sounds. Synths include Retrologue 2, Padshop, HALion Sonic SE 3, LoopMash 2, Prologue, Spector, and Mystic

Virtual Bass, Drums and Percussion


Recording and Mixing

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

On the production side, the digital audio workstation is powered by Cubase, with a six-channel input (four microphone pre-amps) Steinberg UR44 front end heard through Mackie MR5 Mk2 active monitor speakers. Digital audio workstation running Cubase

The room itself is acoustically treated with Auralex 2'x2'x2" Studiofoam panels on all walls to cut reflections of high frequencies, plus two Primacoustic Nimbus 2' x 4'ceiling cloud panels to reduce lower-frequency reflections and and standing waves.

Albums recorded in my studio

Monica Sicard in my studio

Along the Way - Monica Sicard's Native American Flute Project. I served as recording engineer and co-producer, and mixed the album.

Erin McGaughan, Leo Brodie and Byron Reaney

Looking Up - My first album of New Thought songs. I was the primary recording engineer and arranger, and mixed the album.

New Eyes - My second album of New Thought songs. I recorded, mixed, and mastered this project.

Videos recorded in my studio

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